The magic of Forest School is not in the marshmallow we toast, or in the tree cookie or the whittled stick we take home at the end of the day.

It is in the process, in the taking part and in the growing, learning and connecting together, in and through nature that the magic happens.

Why not join me on a Forest School adventure!?



My name is Sarah Walker. I’m an Endorsed Forest School Leader Trainer with the National Forest School Association and a Level 3 Forest School Practitioner.

I run long-term, year-round Forest School sessions for schools and organisations (Stonesfield Primary School has been an FSA Recognised Provider since 2020 ) , and I train Forest School and Forest Kindergarten Leaders.

I believe that Forest School provides all participants, young and old, with ...

the opportunity to ...

  • explore and interact with the natural world with all our senses
  • take risks and apply problem solving skills as we play and learn
  • take ownership of our learning through learner-centred processes

the time to ...

  • develop resilience, perseverance and empathy in our daily lives
  • become truly engrossed in activities at our own pace
  • develop a life-long nature connection

the space to ...

  • be physically active through all the seasons
  • work together towards small or large common goals
  • develop social skills within a caring community

… and, of course, the time to laugh and have fun, be creative and use our imaginations, and to grow together!


"Your knowledge of the children in terms of their understanding of the world and their behaviour and attitude to mistakes and learning in FS could be key in tackling the growth mindset and “can do” attitude we are trying to crack in class … seeing a child taking pride in starting a fire independently for the first time, and making her own miniature furniture. The confidence she had to start a project never done before and not to give up when the first attempt failed. That is massive for her as in the classroom she is often someone who says 'I can't, I give up...' Hopefully she can take this newfound confidence back into the classroom with her.”Year 5/6 Teacher
“It’s been really amazing to see how some children, who we know struggle with verbal reasoning and problem-solving in the classroom, don’t seem to do so when they’re outside. So I’ve been able to capture those moments of evidence and I’ve seen children using skills that I would otherwise have assumed they didn’t have.”Year 4 Teacher
“The children love Forest School days and it has been their saving grace during lockdown.”Year 3 Teacher
“You know what I love about Forest School - there’s always something to do!”Year 2 Child
“Forest School, is, is like … freedom!”Year 1 Child